Do you enjoy craft made chocolate and want to support a growing movement?

Six years ago I was introduced to the fine chocolate scene in New York and it forever changed my connection to chocolate.
I feel lucky to have participated in many exciting activities including: judging for the International Chocolate Awards Semi Finals, chocolate pairing classes, chocolate making classes, and chocolate tours of shops and factories. I hosted chocolate tastings and traveled for chocolate. My admiration and craving for chocolate over the years has taken me to Perugia, San Francisco, Seattle, upstate New York and all over New York City.  While completing my MBA, I did extensive research on the chocolate industry supply chain and its social sustainability issues.

My intention of this site is to showcase, educate, and promote ethical chocolate of the highest quality by the most passionate and dedicated chocolate makers.

Let’s not forget how much fun and joy comes from eating a delicious piece of chocolate so of course there will be lots of tasting. 

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