2016: My Most Chocolatey Year Yet!

2016 was an eventful year for me personally but especially when it comes to chocolate.

I didn’t keep a chocolate log (good idea for 2017!), but I’m pretty confident that I bought the most chocolate ever in 2016. Which also means I ate the most in one year. HA!

Highlights of this year include:

  1. Our yummy chocolate wedding favors by Chocolat Modern
  2. Traveling to Seattle for the NW Chocolate Festival and Unconference
  3. All the amazing women I’ve met through Instagram and at the NW Chocolate Festival
  4. Enjoyed a wonderful chocolate class at ICE taught by the amazing Pastry Chef Michael Laiskonis
  5. Attended the Valhrona Ecole Brooklyn Hot Chocolate Festival Event
  6. All the chocolate books I bought and am slowly reading

If 2017 brings as much chocolate into my life like 2016 did then I am in for a sweet year. Yay!

Let’s Start a Chocolate Club

Do you love chocolate as much as I do? 

Last summer I left the BIG Apple with my husband for Orlando Florida. Since then, I have gone through extreme chocolate access withdrawal. I was so spoiled living in New York, I had a number of chocolate shops and brands all within arms reach of my apartment in Brooklyn. Chocolate making classes, tastings, pairings, shops, SOOO many options. There are other way to find chocolate of course; the internet is a wonderful solution for that. But its no fun to enjoy chocolate by yourself. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t stop me from doing it but I would much rather share with others and talk about it.

So, are you a fan of chocolate? Are you curious about who is making it?

Let’s meet!

Leave a comment below telling me what chocolate you want to try or learn more about. I’ll figure out how we can all gather and taste chocolate together!